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My name is ROSE NEWTON, and I sell my body on the streets of San Francisco. I’m what you call society's dirty little secret. On the outside, I'm in control, the woman who makes her own rules and gives nothing away for free. Inside, I’m broken and numb. Torn and shattered by my past, my life is nothing more than the lost fragments of what's left of me. SHANE WEST represents everything that’s foreign to me. He’s brave, kind, funny, gorgeous and persistent. When fate brings us face to face, an undeniable attraction blazes between us. He becomes the constant I've never had and the only man I'll ever trust. There is nothing simple about falling in love when you're keeping a secret like mine. *Reader's discretion advised. Certain content might not be suitable for some readers.


BEER BOTTLES RIDDLED the nightstand, clanking with the tapping of the mattress wedged between it and the wall. The music that blared from the stereo was loud enough to drown out my date’s exaggerated huffs and the squeaking of the bed frame. I held my breath as I counted the pushes, hoping he wasn’t gonna take much longer. Business was time, and time was money. The faster they came, the better it made for repeat business. I threw my hips into it, tightened my cooch around his dick, and huffed out how I was about to come. I didn’t want to keep the other girls waiting.
A chill of satisfaction slipped down my spine with the helpless look in his eye. One last thrust, as a long bellowing growl scorched across my skin, was proof enough for me that I had claimed another satisfied customer. I focused on the velour blood-red roses on the dark, drab wallpaper while I waited for him to pull out. Time is money. His breath was sour, beer mixed with cigarettes; he didn’t bother kissing me, and I was fine with that. I never kissed on the lips anyway … Never.
“Thanks, sweetheart,” he spat. He stretched off the rubber filled with his seed and chucked it next to me on the bed. “You’ll take care of that, right?” He zipped his pants before he tossed two twenty-dollar bills across my chest. “And here, get yourself something pretty.”
“What the hell is this? It was sixty if I fucked you,” I snapped as I pulled down my skirt. 
He plopped in the high-back gaudy floral chair next to the door and sucked a short breath through his shit-eating smirk before he smacked his lips together as if he had caught the smell of sex in his mouth. He dragged his filthy work boots over, pulled them on as he answered my demand.
“Is that what you call it? Laying there like a dead fish? You didn’t fuck me. I fucked you … as a matter of fact, you should be paying me,” he snarled before he meandered toward the door.
“That’s bullshit and you know it,” I hissed.
“I can’t say you weren’t a tight lay. I’ll tell you what I’ll do for you … I’ll tell my buddies down at the shop what you’re willing to do for sixty bones and let’s see how many run down here to bang at your door. You want sixty for a fuck, at least make it worth it. Roll your hips against my cock or give up a little whimper every once in a while. If I wanted a dead lay, I would fuck my wife.” He tossed me the same shit-eating smirk from earlier, like it was the only one in his arsenal, before he walked out, leaving the bedroom door wide open.
“I’m the best lay you’ve ever had and you know it, motherfucker,” I hollered after him.
Every muscle in my body quaked; that dirty bastard had shorted me and there was nothing I could do, absolutely nothing. Who was I gonna tell? I was a twenty-year-old prostitute who fucked guys almost twice her age for money. As long as they filled the rubber separating them from all the worthless fucks that had come before, nobody would ever give two shits about it.
I’d learned a long time ago that nobody was willing to help the broken; they swept us under the asphalt of cracked streets and piss-drenched darkened alleys forever.

**** 4.5 Star Review ****

We always have this image of authors. Each one is an individual, a person. At the same time they are like superheros, known for the words they put to paper. Gretchen is one of those authors who seems to be toting a villain cape this time around, and I couldn't be any happier.

This book was it for me. I am always searching for that next book that will mess me up on the inside, that will make me cringe and cuss. I am always searching for that book that leaves me dumbfounded and speechless. I always want to be blown away. This book was more than I expected. It was dark. It was raw. It was gritty. 

I sat down a week ago to write this review. I wanted to give Gretchen all of the words. Every last word. She deserves it after all; after writing this story. But then, I couldn't find the words. Words just don't seem to be enough. But I wanted to write this long eloquent, deserving review. But I can't seem to put words to describe my thoughts. 

I had anticipated this book for over a year. I waited on bated breath. I stalked Gretchen's pages to see if there was word on this book on a regular basis. I knew I needed to read this book. And now I have. And now I want a rewind. I want to go back to waiting so I can eventually experience all of the words and emotions all over again.

Gretchen de la O, is a writer of romantically unique stories. A proclaimed positive energy infuser by people who know her, she finds joy in helping those around her discover their creative process. Gretchen is a firm believer that anything is possible if you set your mind to it; and what you expect out of life, always finds a way of showing up. She’s authentic in her dedication to her own creative process, finds strength in her spirituality, and is always looking for the bright spot in every situation.  

Gretchen released her first novel, Almost Eighteen in September of 2011,  the first in a three book new adult student/teacher romance, The Wilson Mooney Series. In November of 2012, she followed with book two, Eighteen at Last, and concluded the series with Beyond Eighteen in October, 2013. Her Fourth novel, PROTOTYPE, a romantic suspense, the first book in the Possession Series was released in October 2014. BROKEN GIRL, Gretchen’s fifth novel, is a standalone contemporary romance slated to be released April 29th, 2016. Please visit Gretchen at

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