A Post Full of Rambling and Changes to Come...

When I impulsively started my blog back in 2012, I had no clue what I was doing. I didn't know what to post aside from book reviews. Even at that, I didn't know how to really write reviews or what to read. Here I am four years later, and I don't know any more about blogging than I did then.

Over the years I got swept up in signing up to help promote author after author. Book after book. Recently, I sat back and went through my blog and realized that I seem to post more promotional materials than I do reviews. I never just post anything about my blogging experiences or journey.

I vowed to make my blog more personable. More reviews. More of me. I am not saying that I don't plan to promote authors; I plan to promote authors just how I always have. However, signing up for less cover reveals and release days seems like a good option for me. I tend to spend so much time on posting things I have signed up for over everything else. I seem to only have time to write reviews for the books I have agreed to review and very few of the books I have read aside from blog tours and review requests.

Time is biggest problem with blogging. My blog is ran completely and solely ran by me alone. I feel like my blog isn't my own. I spend so much time keeping a schedule, making time to make sure posts are up by the time they should be up by, trying to read in time to review by specific dates. It has become very stressful and not enjoyable anymore.

I love all of the authors I have come in contact with. I love their books. I love promoting their books. I think that the only way to make my blog feel like mine again is to promote on my schedule. Slow down on scheduled posts. I dread looking at me blog's schedule every day. It shouldn't be that way.

I am sure you are reading this post wondering why I am writing this post. Wondering why I am rambling. You may even think I am complaining. I am rambling but not complaining. This post is more to let everyone know how much I appreciate them and love them. I don't want my signing up for things to be taken personal. I have made wonderful author, blogger and reader friends.

So what does this mean for my blog? I am not sure. I am not going to stop. I love blogging, but lately it has felt like a job over being a hobby. I have thoughts on things I want to become regular things on my blog aside from the typical posts that have been on my blog for years. I want to not just post typical things about books, but interactive posts about books and authors.

Okay, I think I have rambled and made not so much sense enough. Readers, authors, what kinds of things do you want? Interviews? Guest posts? Polls? What kinds of things would keep your attention aside from the typical things that I have posted? I want to hear back from you, all of you.