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#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • An eye-opening, no-holds-barred memoir about life in the Church of Scientology, now with a new afterword by the author—the outspoken actress and star of the A&E docuseries Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath

Leah Remini has never been the type to hold her tongue. That willingness to speak her mind, stand her ground, and rattle the occasional cage has enabled this tough-talking girl from Brooklyn to forge an enduring and successful career in Hollywood. But being a troublemaker has come at a cost.

That was never more evident than in 2013, when Remini loudly and publicly broke with the Church of Scientology. Now, in this frank, funny, poignant memoir, the former King of Queens star opens up about that experience for the first time, revealing the in-depth details of her painful split with the church and its controversial practices.

Indoctrinated into the church as a child while living with her mother and sister in New York, Remini eventually moved to Los Angeles, where her dreams of becoming an actress and advancing Scientology’s causes grew increasingly intertwined. As an adult, she found the success she’d worked so hard for, and with it a prominent place in the hierarchy of celebrity Scientologists alongside people such as Tom Cruise, Scientology’s most high-profile adherent. Remini spent time directly with Cruise and was included among the guests at his 2006 wedding to Katie Holmes.

But when she began to raise questions about some of the church’s actions, she found herself a target. In the end, she was declared by the church to be a threat to their organization and therefore a “Suppressive Person,” and as a result, all of her fellow parishioners—including members of her own family—were told to disconnect from her. Forever.

Bold, brash, and bravely confessional, Troublemaker chronicles Leah Remini’s remarkable journey toward emotional and spiritual freedom, both for herself and for her family. This is a memoir designed to reveal the hard-won truths of a life lived honestly—from an author unafraid of the consequences.

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**** 4 Star Review ****

This is a weird one to review for me. I don't typically read non-fiction books. However, there were moments in this book that I forgot I was reading non-fiction.

The things described in this book are both believable and unbelievable. I am not saying I don't believe things in this book. They are just beyond my scope of reality. I was left with a dropped jaw.

After reading this book, I have to wonder why our government hasn't shut cults like this down. Yes, I said cult. Let's be real, this is a cult. No matter how you look at it. Thousands of people are brainwashed into following a "leader", to pledge their entire beings to this "religion" and give every cent and then some to it in order to maintain what they think is a valued position in the organization.

Hands down to Leah. I commend her for not only sharing this story, but for also being a troublemaker. Had she been like so many that fall prey to these monsters and never see the light, she would still be giving herself and money to these criminals.

***** 5 Star Review *****

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  1. My resolution is always to eat (and be) healthier and get more exercise. So far I'm just doing so-so, as we've been on the go quite a bit and haven't had the time to eat better--plus it's too cold to walk so I'm stuck exercising in my basement (unappealing lol), but it should slow down a bit later in the month. Love Leah Remini - my earliest memory of her was from Who's the Boss and then I watched the spin-off, Living Dolls. And of course King of Queens; she was so great in that show! I'm also fascinated with (but not at all interested in joining, and have no belief in) scientology. I've read a couple of books about it. And Book Beaus are so neat! Thanks for the great chance. :)

  2. I don't usually do resolutions, but I need one for this year. I want to do something positive for myself. It's hard being a stay at home mom with two young kids and not taking care of myself. I want to make a complete draft of a book! I have needed to do this for years.
    Becca S

  3. I don't do resolutions. I just try to make it a better year than the one before, for myself and the people around me.

  4. Christina WethingtonJanuary 4, 2017 at 11:45 AM

    I don't do resolutions. We just strive to work harder and be better in daily activities. That way, when the New Year comes around, we can say we tried at all, failed at few, and succeeded at many.

  5. Don't typically make them but I made a a promise to myself. I want to commit myself to buying less items/toys for my children and paying for more experiences for/with them! I want them to experience the world instead of toys, video games etc. I want to make awesome memories!

    Erica Stranahan

  6. I haven't done resolutions in several years. I have a few goals for 2017 though.

  7. I love this blog post! I like the idea of book beau and I love that you did a review on Leah's book! I've been interested in reading it.

    As for resolutions- no, I don't typically set them because in years past when I did. I set unrealistic expectations on myself and always felt like a failure. Instead, I like to think of a goal or theme for what I hope the next year will feel and look like. 💛

  8. I don't maje resolutions because I always break them

  9. I sort of do them. One of mine is to do monthly dates with my daughters and get them outside more all year round

  10. My resolution is to be a better person to set a better example for my kids so they grow up knowing truly what is right and wrong to respect those around them.

  11. I always resolve to be healthier, it's just the perfect time of year for that. But this year, I'm hoping to see the positive, do more that I want to do, not worry about what others think, and love harder.


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