A Five-Minute life by Emma Scott

Remember us...when I can't.

Thea Hughes has five minutes to live. A car accident stole her parents and left her with the second-worst documented case of amnesia in the world. She now has only minutes of experiences, of consciousness, of life…before her memory is wiped clean. The once effervescent artist with a promising future is reduced to scribbling with pens and paper, living an empty, quiet life, three hundred seconds at a time. Jim Whelan is on autopilot. A foster kid shuffled around the system since birth, he’s lived his entire life without knowing love…and it’s taken its toll—until he learned to fight back, carry his armor, and keep his head down.

Working as an orderly in the Blue Ridge Sanitarium, deep in Virginia countryside, Jim looked up…and found Thea. When Thea has the chance to break free of her five-minute prison with a risky, experimental surgery, it could lead them both to an epic love they never thought possible… or one that could require the ultimate sacrifice.

*** 50 First Dates meets Awakenings in this emotional love story by international and best selling author, Emma Scott. A Five-Minute life contains subject matter that might be sensitive to some readers.

*****5 Star Review*****

A Five-Minute life was such a unique love story. I loved everything about it. (Well, with the exception of a few characters I wanted to throat punch on numerous occasions.)

As we know, Thea has five minutes of her life before her brain resets and starts all over. My heart broke for her. She is such an awesome character that you will fall in love with after the first chapter. During her repetitious five minute cycle, so many things happen within her life, unbeknownst to her. Thea has a team of people to make her life the most comfortable during each and every five minutes.

When Jimmy walks into her life and sees things from his perspective, it opens the eyes of everyone around Thea. He is an extraordinary character who will not give up on Thea. He fights and protects her at all cost!

Thea and Jimmy have a one of a kind connection from the moment they first lay eyes on one another. My heart melted for both for these two characters. Here is one of my favorite quotes…..

“Remember for me”, tears spilled down her cheeks and over her fingers, and then she pulled me to her, her voice tremulous. “Remember us…when I can’t.”

My heart about burst into a million little pieces. I highly recommend this book!

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