Kiss my Putt by Tara Sivec

“Palmer ‘Pal’ Campbell has epic breakdown on the 18th hole of the Bermuda Open! Video at 11.”

After spending my entire pro golfing career being known as the quiet, controlled, no-nonsense golfer on the tour, there’s nothing more humiliating than throwing all of that down the drain—or into a water hazard—on national television. Needing some place to hide, to lick my wounds and figure out what I even want to do with my life once this blows over, I can only think of one place I need to be. Summersweet Island, where everyone treats me like one of their own, and they’ll all be happy to have me home again.

Well, except maybe one person. It’s been two years since I last set foot on Summersweet Island or spoke to anyone there. But I’m sure Birdie Bennett, my best friend since I was 15 and the clubhouse manager of my favorite golf course, has had plenty of time to forgive me for that tiny little misunderstanding where I blocked her on social media and blocked her in my phone. Oh, and I guess I kind of, sort of accused her of being a stalker. It’s fine!

Once my sexy, spunky, former best friend gets over the shock of seeing me again and stops trying to drive a 9-iron into my skull, I can finally let her know I’ve also kind of, sort of always been in love with her...

***** 5 Hole in One Stars!!! *****

Every time Tara announces she has a new book coming, I get so excited. Her books are always the perfect read and make me in a good mood.

Birdie and Putz are balls to the wall adorable! They are friends, then enemies, then an unstoppable couple. I really enjoy their story and watching their frienemy relationship soar into a hole in one relationship. I highly recommend this book!

I am excited to read Wrens story next but I have to admit, I am on the edge of my seat waiting for Tess and Bodhi story....if we even get one. WE HAVE TO GET THEIR STORY!!! I may just pee myself while reading their book! They are awesome characters who had me cracking up. Lol

Get it! Devour it! You will love it!

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