Midnights & Mimosas by R.L. Griffin

Is there really such a thing as a quarter life crisis? You bet your ass there is. We should be married, maybe with kids, have a great job - but have a body like you don’t, and have our lives all figured out. There is this existential pressure on women to have it all and do it all. Even if you rebuff this pressure, subconsciously, it’s still there. Middle fingers up to assumptions about where we should all be with our lives at a certain point. Am I right?

I’m Laura Kincaid. The last year of my life has been what dreams are made of, but I think I’ve forgotten my own dreams. My best friend and I traveled across the country with no responsibilities. However, the lack of structure and routine got to me, and now I’m a little lost and I can’t figure out why. I’m a planner, a doer, and a lover of all things sparkly. My quarter life crisis started one night when I realized I was in love. Don’t worry, reading about my hot mess will make you feel better about yours.

***3.5 Star Review***

Ugh.....Having to rate this book 3 Stars is killing me! I absolutely love R.L. Griffin and the books I previously read of hers . Razorblade Kisses being one of my all time favorite books.

I struggled with this one. (So sorry, R.L. Griffin) Maybe it's my own fault because I didn't read the first book in this series or the novella before reading this one. I went in completely blind as a stand alone and felt like I was missing key information between the main characters Laura & Max.

Both Laura & Max are going through personal struggles in their lives but we aren't sure exactly what until later in the book. My heart hurt for what they each endured. I understand they needed to figure out their own lives before working on a relationship together but I missed the romance connection between them. It's soooooooo hard to explain my feelings. I am seriously going to go back to the first book and then reread this one. I honestly feel it will help me connect with this book more.

With that being said, I loved her relationship with her best friend Megan. They had me giggling out loud. Megan's book is the first in the series, Sunshine & Whiskey that I need to read asap! Oh and I'm also STILL singing the chapter titles!!

Overall, it's a good book and I would recommend reading it. It was just missing a little something for me!

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