Obsessed by Aleatha Romig

Everything changed the night our eyes met across the room. His green gaze upon me prickled my skin with uncustomary warmth while my peek beneath his cuff—of a riot of color on his wrist—sparked my insatiable curiosity. Tall and mysterious, Kader was a man whose secrets I longed to know.

Little did I realize that the night we met was only the beginning—the beginning to the end of the existence I knew.

What will happen as his assignment becomes our obsession?

From New York Times bestselling author Aleatha Romig comes a brand-new dark romance bringing us back to the same dangerous underworld as SECRETS. You do not need to read the Web of Sin trilogy to get caught in this new and intriguing saga, Tangled Web.

OBSESSED is book two of the TANGLED WEB trilogy which began with TWISTED and will conclude with BOUND. Have you been Aleatha’d?

****5 Star Review*****

Obsessed is book 2 in the Tangled Web series. Twisted must be read before starting this one.

Twisted left me with so many questions and on the edge of my seat with anticipation for Obsessed. Obsessed gets your mind even more tangled! You may get a few clues here and there for the lingering questions in your mind but now I have even more questions!

My mind was blown away with several revelations! I was totally blindsided. It's so fun to try to figure out an Aleatha book but pointless because she keeps hitting you with twist after twist you don't see coming at you until it's too late and your jaw is on the floor!

Who can we trust? Does Kader really have Laurel's best interests at heart? Who is behind it all? So many questions!!!

There is so much I want to say about this book but you have to read it with no clue as to what is about to hit you!

Now we have to wait for all the answers in Bound and I CAN NOT WAIT!!!! I am a Twisted, Obsessed fan who loves to be Aleatha'd!!

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