Riven Knight (Tin Gypsy Book 2) by Devney Perry

Genevieve Daylee didn’t expect to be standing in front of a judge on her twenty-seventh birthday. But ever since her life became entangled with a former motorcycle gang, she’s learned not to expect anything but trouble.

Her mother, a woman she once admired and adored, is gone, leaving behind a trail of secrets and lies. She’s living in a tiny apartment above a garage owned by her brother, a man who loathes her very existence. And the father she met beside her mother’s grave is as much of a stranger as Isaiah Reynolds, the broken man with soulless eyes standing beside her in front of the judge.

Isaiah is her protector from the murderer at large in Clifton Forge. Though he’s more like a riven knight in dented armor than a prince on a white stallion. She knows next to nothing about him, other than he works as a mechanic. As of tonight, he’ll be sharing her bathroom.

And, according to the judge, Isaiah is now her husband.

*****5 Star Review*****

We meet Genevieve and Isaiah in The Gypsy King and I couldn't wait to get more of their story and to continue the suspenseful storyline from The Gypsy King!

Oh my goodness, I love this book! It may actually be one of my top Devney books now.

The romance was a slow burn and I love this so much! Devney made you wait for these two characters to develop their bond and the wait was so worth it! Their chemistry is undeniable and they will do anything for each other. Their love is strong and nothing can stop them.

There is so much suspense in this story. I literally could not put it down and finished in 24 hours. When I finished The Gypsy King, there were so many questions I needed answers to. Well, you get all the answers in this book and you will be on the edge of your seat while waiting to read them all. It's soooo good!!!!

I will admit, I'm a little mad at Devney!! I can't say exactly why but she broke my heart a little. She threw a sucker punch out of no where and it hit hard!! I didn't see that happening at all!

I can not recommend this book enough but you have to start with The Gypsy King to follow along with the story line.

Now I can't wait for Stone Princess!!!

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