The Other Side by Kim Holden

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Denver, Colorado


There are two sides to every story.

The surface reality that’s presented to the world.

And then there’s the other side.

The real one.

The one that matters.

Seventeen-year-old, self-proclaimed asshole, Toby Page, is alone.

No friends.

No family.

He trades maintenance work in exchange for room and board.

Every day he fights demons no one else can see.

Every day he wants to give up.

But he can’t.

Not yet.

When Alice Eliot moves in downstairs, she offers Toby some light in his dark world.

At a crossroads and barely hanging on, it’s hard to have perspective.

It’s difficult to see your own worth when you’re the villain in your story.

Luckily for Toby, Alice brings things out in him that no one else ever has.

As the two sides of Toby’s story are revealed, and the full reality comes into view, truth is gained.

Improbable alliances prove that kindness is fundamentally human.

Unlikely heroes emerge.

The question is, Will it all be enough to save him?

About the Author:

Some of my favorite things: reading, writing, the two coolest guys on the planet (my husband and son), my bicycle (my husband built it for me), Facebook (I'm fairly certain it's an addiction at this point), iced coffee (hazelnut), and music (LOVE Sunset Sons, the 1975, Dredg, the xx, Balance and Composure, Teenage Bottlerocket, and 30 Seconds to Mars). I also love dreaming, which brings me to my next point. I have one bit of advice for anyone reading this ... follow your dreams. It's never too late. Get started today ... heck get started RIGHT NOW! I wanted to write a book 20 years ago. Instead I waited. And waited. I should've been writing. But I didn't. I don't do regrets, because the past is just that, the past. But let me tell you there's nothing in the world like achieving something you've dreamt about for years and years. So, get started. Make your dreams reality.

I love to hear from other readers. Send me a message or find me on Facebook ( and tell me what's up in your reading world.

Many thanks to Kim Holden and WordSmith Publicity for the advanced copy!

*****5 Incredible Stars*****

The Other Side is a book that will touch your soul and never let go! It's raw, real, emotional and very eye opening.

There are so many things about this book I want to scream from the rooftops about but you need to go in with no spoilers. Just absorb Kim's phenomenal story telling because it's all consuming!

These characters are everything. Their stories will break your heart completely. I do promise that it will be mended back together in the end with minor cracks left behind.

Here are a couple of the quotes I highlighted and LOVE......

“The most important time to listen is when words are missing, that’s when hearts cry out the loudest.”

"Volume doesn’t change minds, it closes them."

The Other Side is life changing! It will stay in my heart forever, exactly where I need it to be. Have the tissues handy because you are going to need them!

Don't think twice about reading this book. It's a must read!!! I will recommend it to everyone!

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