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March 3, 2017


As of late there seems to be a lot of drama and what-not concerning newsletters. I have sat and watched the ball fly back and forth. The statuses on social media making my head spin.


First, we all love to stay in touch with our favorite authors. However, here is the deal. We have NO right telling anyone what they should or shouldn't be putting in these newsletters. It doesn't matter if they are telling us about their books, someone else's books or makeup. Those newsletters are THEIRS and theirs alone. If you are not happy with the content of those newsletters, then unsubscribe. Don't go all over social media having a bitch fit because you don't like the content.


Next, frequency. Again, it isn't up to anyone to tell someone how frequent sends out their own newsletter. It is annoying when you get multiple newsletters day after day from the same person? Absolutely. Again, there is a little button at the button titled unsubscribe. However, authors who are guilty of this, take note. Sending out too many newsletters, you loose subscribers. Over-saturating your subscribers email is not how to grow a fan base.


Also, if someone removes you from their list, so what! If you don't have time to open every newsletter you get, then weed them out. Unsubscribe yourself from the ones that you don't ever open. We notice who opens our newsletters and who doesn't. We can look at all kinds of stats on opens, bounces, unscubscribers. etc. If you aren't opening your newsletters and we pay for that newsletter service, yes you will be removed. You are just wasting someone else's money! Stop crying over it. Seriously.


Now, my favorite, marking a newsletter spam. Here's the deal. The only time to mark a newsletter as spam is when you know for a fact you never signed up for it. Many people pay a lot of money to run those newsletters. Marking a newsletter that is not spam as spam is not only wasting someone else's money but it's just flat our ignorant.


On the flip side of this, authors, bloggers, PR companies... DO NOT troll social media for people's emails. DO NOT trade your email list with someone else's. That IS spam. I cannot tell you how many unsolicited newsletters I get a day. Now how I am sure they are unsolicited? It's very simple for me. I have two blog emails. One being listed on all of my social media. It is specifically for all blog related materials like review requests, signups, etc. The other is private. It is not listed anywhere. That is the email I use for ALL newsletters. So when I get newsletters in the first mentioned email, those are spam. I did not sign up for them... they DO get marked as spam when I unsubscribe because they are spam. Do not add people that do not want added to your subscriber list! That is the exact opposite way of growing a fan base.


I am not sure why this subject has so many people all up in roar. Seriously, they are just newsletters. There are way more important things to be worried about than a simple email. If this truly is something you have time to cry over on social media, maybe you need to find a more constructive hobby. For real.

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