Review: Infidelity World by Various Authors

March 23, 2017



Incentive by Pam Godwin, NY Times bestselling author


Desperate men do desperate things. When Decker Gabrielli hits rock bottom, he accepts a job as a hired companion at Infidelity. Surrendering a year of his life to a woman he’s never met might be the worst idea ever. But money, prestige, and sex are powerful incentives. That is, until the job becomes more than a contractual agreement. Hard limits are breached, panties are shredded, and rules are broken. In the end, his secret to getting ahead is…her.




**** 4 Stars ****

I had no clue what I was getting into in this Infidelity story. I was hooked from the first page. Laughs and intrigue from start to finish.

This one is definitely a fast, enjoyable read. I loved the characters, who were well developed. I loved the plot, which moved at the perfect pace. I had this book read in no time. I almost didn't want it to end!



Inheritance by TC Winters


Renowned artist Dante Costello’s carefree lifestyle is shattered by his father’s brutal murder. Although his mafia family is suspect, when he confronts the person he believes is responsible, the man is executed right before his eyes. In a bizarre twist, his younger sister is arrested for their father’s murder, and Dante is ordered to locate a priceless stolen painting to exonerate her. During his search, Dante investigates the family business and is devastated to discover his father’s legitimate lifestyle was only an illusion. As the hunt turns deadly, Dante must race against time to protect everyone he loves.




**** 4 Stars ****

This was my first book by Winters. It also was the first I read from the Infidelity Worlds. I wasn't sure what to expect. I wasn't sure that anyone could write a story based off of Romig's phenomenal series.

I was hooked from the first page in this story. I was excited to have some great twists and turns, which kept the book moving at a perfect, fast-paced read.

Winters did a wonderful job with the characters and their story. I wanted more and more of them. I wanted more in this story, although the story told itself as it should have been. I definitely will be checking out Winters' others books after the wonderful job done on this story!



MANOR by Ted Persinger


In Antebellum Savannah, young Sarah Montague inherits control of a manor and plantation, after her husband is commissioned in the Confederate army and leaves to prosecute the war. She finds herself faced with decisions she never could have imagined. But her troubles multiply when the Union army first burns nearby Atlanta to the ground, then Sherman’s March to the Sea takes them to Savannah. She has to overcome trials she was never prepared for. Her husband fails to return when the city is besieged, and she’s required to quarter a Union general, a man with dark secrets. Left alone, she must find within herself the strength to do what is right.


Manor explores the choices and fortunes Sarah must overcome. Is she strong enough, or will these forces break her? As her new country disintegrates, she must do what is right for her and those she loves. Will she have the strength?      


Manor is a novella in the Infidelity Kindle World of Aleatha Romig, and is a prequel to that series.





Sacrifice by Rae Riley


Chelsea Moore took the deal and signed the agreement. She was supposed to be assigned to a lobbyist. He was supposed to a stranger. Of course, life doesn't usually go the way it is supposed to go. Instead of spending a year of her life investigating a stranger, Chelsea is stuck. Her new client isn't a stranger. It's her best friend's ex-boyfriend. He is the son of the devil and she is the sacrificial lamb. To escape his entrapment, Chelsea will have to be cunning, use deception, and commit to a year of fidelity. Most importantly, she will have to convince her best friend that it wasn't a betrayal - it was a sacrifice.





DEVOTED by A.D. Ellis


Kyle Matthews and Adam Jeffries have a terrific relationship, fabulous friends, and plans for the perfect wedding and honeymoon. When their plans are derailed, a mysterious stranger comes to their rescue. Yet even with their honeymoon back on track, Kyle and Adam face doubts, hostility, and opposition. Is their mutual devotion strong enough to save their marriage? Or will the bitter malice awaiting them be the beginning of the end?


**This is a male/male romance meant for ages 18+ due to adult material.**





Suspicion by Donya Lynne


My name is Max. I’m a con man. A good one, too. One of the best. But I’m tired of looking over my shoulder, waiting for my luck to run out. So I’m making a career change into the world of professional poker. Which is why I’m in Vegas. There’s a huge Texas Hold’em tournament at the Rio, and I’m going to win it. My best friend and business partner, Shaun, isn’t happy with my decision to go legit. He says he brought me into the con game and that I owe him. He’s even willing to blackmail me to keep me under his thumb. I don’t respond well to blackmail, so this isn’t going to work out the way Shaun wants. Then there’s the girl. Disarming eyes, innocent smile, long legs. Nash came out of nowhere and filled a void in my unworthy heart I only recently realized existed. She’s trying to make a fresh start, too. Maybe together, she and I can create a new beginning and leave our crap pasts behind. I’ll admit I’d fallen hard for this girl. Harder than I’ve ever fallen, and probably harder than I should have. Because I, more than anyone, should know how easy it is to fall for a con.


Suspicion is an Infidelity World novella about how things are always what they seem.





Indiscretion by DD Lorenzo


Love is dispensable; companionship is critical. Some words of wisdom that my father imparted to me. I never gave much thought to either. My only desire was to be my father’s well-bred heir. A true Southern gentleman who took what he wanted and paved the road to success with the spoils. Hiding behind the curtain of gentility, I perfected my role. Until desire tore it in two and I was left with the tattered remains.






Illegitimate by Lulu Astors


Meet the new boss… Luca Costello, heir apparent to the New York Costello organized-crime family, is a man committed to sin, both professionally and personally. He takes no prisoners and expects no quarter. Gabriella Buchanan, a beautiful and determined Chicago attorney with family ties to Brooklyn is on her way up when her path accidentally crosses with this son of a major New York crime boss. One look at the sexy, sloe-eyed Luca and she is instantly conflicted. She’s never been so attracted to any man before but they’re on different sides of a dividing line: the law. For Luca, it’s simple. He can take what he wants and what he wants is Gabriella. In a universe of what-ifs, one thing is certain: Gabriella will prove to be either his saving grace or his fall from grace. The only question is which one it will be.





INSIDER by Jillian Jacobs


Infidelity insider Imina Lesedi is forbidden to share her employer’s secrets—and her own. Only one man understands the delicate nature of working for a company that provides companionship for the elite, but his social and financial status make him unattainable, even though Imina craves a visit to his darkroom. Award winning photographer Aiden Maxfield views life from behind the camera. A charmer by nature, he relishes the moments he makes the elusive Imina smile—but he would much rather picture the exotic beauty on his rumpled sheets. When the two are trapped together, the enticement proves too strong to resist. Raw passions are exposed, and their years of denial culminate in an insatiable desire for more. But not everyone celebrates their newfound bliss. A malicious foe is threatened by Imina’s knowledge of a dark secret from their shared past. When that truth is exposed, Imina and Aiden must fight for their love before it becomes shuttered by lies, deception—and Infidelity.



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