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Review: A Killer Harvest by Paul Cleave

August 2, 2017


A new thriller from the Edgar-nominated author of Trust No One and Joe Victim about a blind teenager who receives new eyes through corneal donation and begins to see and feel memories that he believes belong to the previous owners a detective and a serial killer.


Joshua is convinced there is a family curse. It's taken away his biological parents, robbed him of his eyesight, and is the reason his father Logan, the detective who raised him, is killed while investigating the homicide of a young woman. The suspect, Simon Bowers, is killed by Logan's partner Ben, whose intentions are murkier than expected.


After this tragedy Joshua is handed an opportunity he can't refuse: a new pair of eyes. But a mishap during the surgery leads to Joshua unknowingly getting one eye from his father, and the other from Simon. As Joshua navigates a world of sight, he gets glimpses of what his eyes might have witnessed in their previous life. Memories, truths, and lies Joshua discovers a world darker than the one he has emerged from. What else has he failed to see?


Meanwhile, Simon's accomplice Vincent is bent on revenge, going after the loved ones of those involved in Simon's death and Vincent is drawing closer and closer to Joshua.

Thriller virtuoso Paul Cleave is back with another riveting story of hidden secrets and unspeakable horrors that will keep readers guessing until the very last page.


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**** 4 Stars ****


Paul Cleave became a go-to author for me a couple of years ago. He wowed me with his ability to tell such a unique, page-turning thriller. I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book when I first saw it advertised. I knew that this would be yet another unique book.

This book is definitely a unique read. The basis of harvesting organs, with the recipients then taking on aspects of the donors' thoughts or mannerisms. Throw in a killer or two and you have the recipe for some page-turning scenes.


Part of the intrigue of this book is putting all of the pieces together. Who is who. Who is the killer. Who is after who. Getting all of the answers kept me turning the pages all of the way to the end.


I really had hoped that this book would have been of the same caliber as Trust No One in the sense that it would blow my mind, maybe leaving me a little dumb-founded. While I truly enjoyed this book, it did lack in those moments where my eyes were bulging and my jaw slack with shock. I think this story had the potential, however Mr. Cleave just didn't achieve that in this book.

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