Review: The Brother by K. Larsen

October 2, 2017


Liam Lockwood stumbled across a photo in a magazine of his long-forgotten brother causing buried secrets, heartache and obsession to bubble to the surface. When Liam sees something he wants, he takes it. He always has and this time will be no different despite his father's warning.


Payback for a dark and broken childhood now has a name, Nora Robertson.


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**** 4 Star Review ****


This is my second book of Larsen's, and I couldn't be more on board with her writing and storytelling! She gives me just enough dark and just enough light to keep me turning page after page after page.


This is definitely not your typing revenge to love story. Sure, it is an element to the story, but it's not the usual and most certainly not the whole story. The complexities of this story are abundant.


If you read The Tutor and are expecting that same kind of dark, don't. Although this book is an extension of that book, they are two totally different books. They have a whole different level of dark and plot.


Nora and Liam's story is unconventional. Nora and Liam's story isn't straight-laced. It isn't instant. It isn't sweet. It isn't unicorns and rainbows. Their stories reflect them. They are complex and broken. Their story is complex and broken. Their story could either heal or break them. In some ways, this story does both.


If you haven't read The Tutor, I do suggest reading it first. It isn't completely necessary, but I highly suggest it. You will miss a lot of the backstory to these characters. The impact of these characters and their personalities won't really hit without reading The Tutor first.

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