Review: Lost Girls by Merrie Destefano

January 5, 2017


Yesterday, Rachel went to sleep listening to Taylor Swift, curled up in her grammy’s quilt, worrying about geometry. Today, she woke up in a ditch, bloodied, bruised, and missing a year of her life. 

She doesn’t recognize the person she’s become: she’s popular. She wears nothing but black. 

Black to cover the blood. 

And she can fight. 

Tell no one.

She’s not the only girl to go missing within the last year…but she’s the only girl to come back. She desperately wants to unravel what happened to her, to try and recover the rest of the Lost Girls. 

But the more she discovers, the more her memories return. And as much as her new life scares her, it calls to her. Seductively. The good girl gone bad, sex, drugs, and raves, and something darker…something she still craves—the rush of the fight, the thrill of the win—something she can’t resist, that might still get her killed…

The only rule is: There are no rules.

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*** 3 Star Review ***


I am conflicted with this book. Did I like it? Yes? I am not sure. That doesn't happen often. I can't really say how I feel about this book.


A girl loses her memory and disappeared for a short time. The question in what happened to her in that time and how did she escape? Also, why can't she remember an entire year of her life? She had only been gone for two weeks.


I thought this was going to be a book with twists and turns that would blow my mind. Maybe make me gasp here and there. Unfortunately, none of that happened. Yes, there are a couple of turn of events that tell you what she had been doing in the year she lost and eventually what happened to her, but they aren't profound. They don't slam into you like a freight train.


I was into the book until things were made clear about Rachel and the things she had gotten into. Then I felt myself rolling my eyes. I might have had a few, "come on, really?" moments. I read somewhere that this book is a combination of Black Swan and Fight Club. And it is, I think. I am not familiar with Black Swan, so I can't attest to that. With that being said, it's not an original story. I don't even feel it has an original spin on other stories of its type.


Overall, this book is just an okay book. It's nothing I am going to shout over rooftops over. I may not necessarily recommend it. Maybe to a teen who likes Fight Club, but that might be it. 

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