Review: Angry Annie by Dawn L Chiletz

July 17, 2018

Joslyn Walters has goals:


1. Infiltrate the life of the internet troll, Annie McClintonuck, who wrote a nasty review for her sister’s bakery before it even opened.


2. Write an article exposing Annie for a fraud, thereby catapulting Joslyn's stalled career from fact-checker to journalist.


3. Flirt with, but don’t fall for, said troll's hot, seemingly shy, incredibly edible next door neighbor, Rhode Bennett.


4. Try not to let one week change her life.


Not all trolls are cute and fuzzy but some lemons are gold in disguise.




**** 4 Star Review ****


This is cute story. I know that isn't what authors want to necessarily hear about their stories, but that is the first word that comes to mind after reading this one.


This book stars a great band of characters, both main and supporting. They are fun, funny, and quirky. I enjoyed getting to know them and their story. 


This book isn't just a romcom. It's also a book about self discovery. It's about humans judging things without facts, and usually those judgments are wrong. It's about learning to trust not just yourself, but also learning to trust others.


This book is sweet, laugh out loud funny, and entertaining. I really enjoyed this book from start to finish.




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