Review: Paris by Audrey Carlan

August 3, 2018

The first book in the sexy International Guy Series from #1 New York Times bestselling author Audrey Carlan.


Paris, France. The City of Lights is buzzing with more than just electricity…


I love women. All women. I’ve made a career out of being exactly what a woman needs.


You want something outta life and have the money to back that dream? Let’s discuss it. For the right price, anything is possible, and I’m the guy who’s going to help you get it. There’s no challenge I can’t meet, and I never leave a client unsatisfied.


So when perfume heiress Sophie Rolland calls me to help take her family’s company—and Paris—by storm, I know exactly what she needs. Just a few days with my team and there will be no stopping Sophie.


Watching a gorgeous woman come alive in the City of Lights—that’s why I got into this business. Not to mention what happens when those lights go out…


My name is Parker Ellis. You can call me The Dream Maker.




*** 3 Star Review ***


I hadn't read any of this author's previous books before I decided to pick this one up. I figured since I have been on a romance kick lately that I would give it a whirl. I can honestly say I am not wowed by this author. 


I am not trying to put down this author or say she isn't a good writer. I have now only read one book of hers, but I will say there wasn't anything overly impressive about her writing of this short story. Maybe that is the issue? It's a novella of a story that could have been a great story had it been a full length book.


This is one of the books that is over as soon as it starts. I was left feeling a little ripped off in the meats and potatoes section of this book. There is no real character building or chemistry with these characters. I am not a fan of books that are all about the sex with a little bit of plot. That is what this felt like. For me, that isn't romance.


If someone is looking for a quick sexy read that won't require any real thought process or emotions, this is definitely a book they should read. (I know that sounds mean, but I am not meaning for it to.) Sometimes, we all could use a book that we can breeze through that won't overwhelm us with emotions... This is most certainly one of those books.

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