Review: Timid by Devney Perry

September 6, 2018

Willa Doon has always been shy. Her quiet demeanor was something she’s always embraced. That is, until Jackson Page moves to town. The one man she desperately wants to take notice struggles to remember her name. 


Year after year, Willa stands by, watching as the bartender slash playboy drowns his demons in beer and sex. Then one night, he shows up at her door, suddenly aware that the girl he’s seen around Lark Cove is now a beautiful woman. 


Except what he doesn’t remember is that this visit isn’t his first. They spent a night together once before. A night he’s forgotten, thanks to a bottle of tequila. 


A night that crushed a timid girl’s heart, and set a broken man on the path to heal them both.


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**** 4 Star Review ****


First and foremost, I enjoyed this book much more than I did the first one in the series. I jumped in from the start and didn't stop until I was finished.


Willa and Jackson are the perfect case of opposites attract. Willa with her innocence and Jackson with his experienced past, these two are bound to explode when they come together. I enjoyed reading about their journey.


The side characters in this book made the book. They were that extra something this book definitely needed. They helped create the bond between Willa and Jackson. 


In this author's books, she always has that one element that we have learned will eventually come in the second half of the book. If I am being honest, I was getting bored with it. It had become too predictable. She finally decided to switch it up. I couldn't have been more pleased. I didn't see that twist coming at all.


Overall, I really enjoyed this story. I didn't want to put it down until I had reached the end. I definitely was not disappointed in anything in this book. I most assuredly would recommend reading.


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