Review: Intercepted by Alexa Martin

September 11, 2018

Marlee thought she scored with the man of her dreams only to be scorched by a bad breakup. Now there's a new player on the horizon and he's in a whole league of his own...


Marlee Harper is the perfect girlfriend. She's sure had enough practice, dating her NFL-star boyfriend for the last ten years. But when she discovers her wide-receiver boyfriend has been tackling other women on the sly, she vows to never date an athlete again. Only one problem: Gavin Pope, the new hotshot quarterback and a fling from the past, has Marlee in his sights.


Gavin fights to show Marlee he's nothing like her ex and what a future can be like for them. Unfortunately, not everyone is ready to let her escape her past. Gavin's teammates' wives, who never led the welcome wagon, are not happy with her return, and they have only one thing on their minds: taking her down. But when their gossip attack makes Marlee public enemy number one to the rabid fans of the team, she worries about more than just her reputation.


Fearing she's causing Gavin's life more harm than good, she tries to ignore the articles and the comments. However, when Gavin makes a life changing decision without her, she's hit with the fact that she's allowed herself to fall back into the back-seat life of an NFL girlfriend she promised to leave behind. Marlee must learn how to balance loving Gavin without losing the independence and respect she's worked so hard to gain; otherwise their relationship may not survive the season.


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**** 4 Star Review ****


I am not a big fan of sports romances. I am not sure why. However, this is one of few that I read recently that I really enjoyed. I am finding that my tastes are changing, yet again, in regards to what I find entertaining. This author is definitely on my list of authors to keep reading in the future.


I loved these characters. They were written and developed so well. They aren't perfect, but that is what makes them so likable. I couldn't get enough of Marlee, Gavin, and their band of secondary characters.


I was sucked into this one from the very beginning. I read this book in no time. I am not sure I put it down once I started it. I started it, then I finished it. I love books like that. The plot flowed and kept my rapt attention. I was entertained and amused all of the way through.


If you are looking for a fun, easy, and entertaining book. This is definitely a book for you. All of you happily ever after lovers, you definitely want to read this one.




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