Review: The First Lights by Christy Pastore

October 4, 2018


One minute we were a family of four—then, in the blink of an eye, half of my world was gone. 


Nearly two years after I received the phone call that changed my life forever, we’re living in a new town and facing new opportunities.


All I want is to be a strong parent for my son and build a good life. I’m still fighting to figure out how to be okay. Falling for someone? Not in the cards for me. I had my happily ever after.

Until he appears. 


One look from the ex-NFL player turned high school football coach brings my soul to life. But the man tests my patience with his arrogance. He knows how to manage his players and his students, but he needs a major ego adjustment.


Every night when my eyes close, I tell myself there’s no way I’ll fall for Wyatt Hamilton, I can’t . . . he’s my son’s new coach.


She’s the last thing that I expected. But I’m drawn to her.


When she stepped onto my field with her long sexy legs, arms covered in tiny geometric tattoos, dark hair and her perfect kissable lips—she stoked a fire inside me. I never dreamed that I’d feel that spark again.


Hannah Richman understands my anguish and emotional turmoil, because she’s been through the same hell.


Wanting her is taboo—forbidden. She’s the mother of one of my students.

No matter how much I crave her . . . there’s no way I can have her, it would be inappropriate.


We’re about to redefine that word.


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**** 4 Star Review ****


Complicated is always a good theme for a romance book. And this one is all kinds of complicated. The angst and back and forth get me every time.


This book is about two people who are coping with the loss of a spouse and a child. It's a book about two people who happen to be in the same town, dealing with similar grief. Two people who are struggling to allow themselves happiness after such tragedy.


The attraction between these characters is apparent from the beginning. I wasn't fully sold right off the bat though. I had a difficult time in the beginning feeling it. Eventually, I did feel it. It grew on me. Their attraction and struggles became their sole focus, and I was right along for the ride.


I am slowly learning to love this author's writing. She has unique story-lines. This one is no different. I was on board with her story and her writing right off the bat. I can't wait to see what she has in store for us readers next.

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