Review: Little Girl Lost by Addison Moore

October 16, 2018

And then she was lost... 
Allison and James Price move to the navy-blue forests of Concordia Idaho hoping to leave behind the chaos of Los Angeles and the painful memories of his indiscretions. Once settled in the picturesque town, where time seems to have stalled and life moves at a slower pace, their six-year-old daughter, Reagan, befriends a mysterious young girl who seems too idyllic to be true with her pressed pinafores, her perfectly curled pigtails. One late autumn evening, as their playdate winds down, both girls vanish into thin air. The little girl said she lived at the end of the street but the only thing Allison and James find at the end of the cul-de-sac is the gaping mouth of the forest. Their little girl, the mysterious playmate—they’re both gone. 


Everyone is looking for Reagan. 
Nobody has come forward to claim the mysterious little girl. 
Both Allison and James look guilty as hell. 
Maybe they are. 




*** 3 Star Review ***


This book.... This book started out great! I was totally into it. It's different. A little heartbreaking. A true depiction of how one decision can spiral into the abyss. A missing child. Everyone is to blame, especially the parents. The parents who are grieving and just want their child back.


I was turning the pages, engrossed in this mystery. The characters had me hooked into their story. I was right there with them, until I wasn't. 


At some point, the book took a wrong turn for me. The incidents from the past just kept piling on. The weirdness started creeping in. The stretching of coincidences was just a bit too much for me. The author took this too far. Added too much of certain things (I am not mentioning them as to not spoil anything) that I found myself rolling my eyes. 


This book was on the track of being a great book for me. Unfortunately, the follow through from the beginning to the end was just too much everything for me. Too unbelievable. Too weird. The ending was even more weird and totally off track from the rest of the book. 


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