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Where Bad Boys Are Ruined by Holly Renee

December 10, 2018

I ate leftover cupcakes and cracked macarons for breakfast. 


I was ninety percent sure he simply ate up girls like me. 


I was covered in paint splatters, cake batter, and sweat the first time I met him. 


He was covered in badass tattoos and a smile that seemed to hold a secret I would never figure out. 


Rule number 1 was never, under any circumstances, fall for the man who I wrote my lease check to. 


So, I tucked him away in the “Fantasize Only” compartment of my brain and called it a day. 


But he didn’t make it easy. 


He was arrogant, funny, and the biggest flirt I had ever met. 


Most of the time, I didn’t know if I was just a game to him. 


If I didn’t know better, I’d say he was on a mission to ruin my life. 


And maybe my heart, too.




**** 4 Star Review ****


I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book. After reading the first two books, I had to have Brandon's story.


This book was many things for me. A little sweet. A little funny. A little swoon-worthy. A little hot. 


I was already a little in love with Brandon after the first book in this series. How could you not be? I knew I wanted to see him fall for a woman so bad. I just wasn't sure how that would happen. 


One bad boy tattoo artist plus a sweet baker, how could that not be a match in heaven? This book was such a great, quick ride. The only fall back for me is I wanted a little more with these characters. It went too quick for me. I needed to feel their connection a little more. Other than that, I enjoyed this story.


If you are looking for a series that isn't too heavy or too light, this whole series is something you should be reading. I devoured each one of them.


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