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Warrant by Kathy Coopmans

December 14, 2018

Every wrongdoing warrants a consequence. In my case, I’ve decided to settle the score with death.
Especially when, what brought this on, what stirred up my crazy, was the vicious attack on an innocent young girl.
Worse, one that ended in her death. 
Years, I’ve been plotting to take out the men I used to call my brothers.
The men who double-crossed me by brutally murdering my sister. 
I want my revenge. I need it. Crave it. It’s in my blood.
I planned to stop at nothing. No matter if I inflicted pain on another woman. 
After all, it was her brother who killed my sister. I figured, why not make him suffer the same way I have.
One tiny glimpse of her changes everything.
Or does it?
Maybe, just maybe, the little siren I wanted to harm is going to single-handedly slaughter me instead. 
Lies. Secrets. 
Gotta love a tangled web of warranted deception.




**** 4 Star Review ****


I don't know how to write this review. Coopman's has such a unique writing style. She also has a knack for writing gritty books that may not appeal to all, but sure appeal to me.


Let's talk characters. I liked Jillian. She was a tough cookie considering everything she had to go through. She is a survivor. She is the kind of female character I can get behind. And then there is Chaz. I am on the fence. I like his character, but at the same time he seemed too soft at times. His interactions with Jillian contradicted his bad boy vibe. Overall, I liked him.


I keep asking myself what would have made this book a five star book for me. I think the answer isn't so easy to pinpoint. I know I didn't feel a strong connection between Jillian and Chaz. Attraction, yes. Connection, no. I also know that I would have liked a little more grit. Maybe some more death? (insert evil laugh)


Overall, in true form for this author, this book is not a light read for most people. It's dark and gritty. It's dirty and grimy. It's definitely what I have grown to love and look forward to from this author!


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