Deal Makers by Laura Lee

January 8, 2019


I mean, not literally, because that would be disgusting. But I did break one of the cardinal rules of Bro Code, which is equally appalling. You see, I fell in love with my best friend’s sister after he explicitly forbid me to go near her. As if that weren’t bad enough, I went ahead and married her while sh*tfaced in Vegas. 

I know that I should get an annulment and forget the whole thing ever happened, despite the fact that our wedding night was the hottest thing I’ve ever experienced. 

The last thing I should do is go back for seconds. 

Or thirds. get the point. 

And what I definitely shouldn’t do, is say f*ck the consequences and give this marriage a real shot. 

But here’s the problem with that: I’m pretty sure that Charlotte Harris is the one. And if that’s the case, nothing is going to keep me away from her. Not even her brother. 

*Deal Makers is filled with lots of laughs, drunken shenanigans, and a sexy romance. It is the third installment in the Dealing With Love series but each one can be read as a standalone.


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**** 4 Star Review ****


Best friend's sister. Drunken accidental wedding... what could go wrong, right?


This book is full of funny, sexy, and angst. Just the equation for a nice, quick, enjoyable read. And that was what this was for me. Enjoyable. Fast, but not too fast. Funny and sexy. 


This book is technically book three in a series, however, one would have no problems reading it all on its own. You do miss the backstory of the other characters and how they got together, but you don't really miss a lot when it concerns these two in the previous books. I have read all three, and am telling you with full confidence, you can start with this if you please, but to remember this happens after the previous two books.


I really did enjoy this one. The characters and plot had me giggling and fanning myself quite a bit. Getting the full story of how things happened and what happens after was a fun ride.


Honesty: This could have been a five star read for me. Could have. If you follow my reviews, then you know I am not a fan of a lot of sex. For me, there was a bit too much sex in this one. I get it. They were highly sexually attracted to one another. Aside from the first drunken night, given the circumstances, I wish some of the beginning (after the drunken night) would have been more angsty build up to later scenes. Not just for less sex, but for a more emotional impact when other things happened. 


Overall, I really enjoyed this story. I know many others are going to enjoy it as well. If you are reading this, and you haven't picked up this series, I do recommend giving it a shot!

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