Buttons and Lace by Penelope Sky

January 18, 2019

I owe him a debt. 


A big one. 


The payment can't be settled with money or favors. 


He only wants one thing. 




Every action gets a reward. A button. Once I fill his jar with three hundred and sixty-five buttons, he'll let me go. 


He'll let me walk away. 


But I have to earn every single one. 



By submitting to the darkest, cruelest, and most beautiful man I've ever known. 


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*** 3 Star Review ***


I have been wanting to start this series for a while now. I have all of the books sitting on my Kindle. So, I decided to dive in. I haven't read a good dark romance in a while, so I thought I would finally give this one a go.


As I am sitting here thinking about my words for this review, I am a little conflicted. This story is definitely dark. There are parts of it that are very unique to the plot I haven't come across before. However, the main gist of it is very similar to other books written around the same time it was written. Over all, on the plot itself, I felt a little jilted. I was hoping for something completely different.


Sticking with the plot. I can only read so many books with a dominating male who is into BDSM so many times. These books can get repetitive and unoriginal. I hate to say that that is how I felt about this one. Although the coming together of these characters is unique in its own, the characters themselves are a dime a dozen in my opinion.


I can admit that I breezed through this book. I will most likely pick up the next book soon to see where the progression of this story ends up going. I am curious to see what ends up playing out with these characters.


This book is definitely a dark book. It's not for everyone. If you are looking for sweet, this is not a book for you. While the sex scenes are dark, they are hot. But be prepared if you are the type that likes cookie cutter stories. This will not come close to that. Those that like the darker themes, will more than likely enjoy the opener to this series. For me, it was okay. Hoping for a little more with the next one.

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