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Double Down by Alessandra Torre

February 4, 2019

The stunning conclusion to the All In Duet... 
In Vegas, there was one man who was off limits. One man... and I fell for him. 


I knew there were risks. Still, I played the game. When Dario Capece called, I answered. When he beckoned, I came. When he broke all my rules, I looked the other way. 


I knew there were risks. I just never realized they included death. 





*** 3 Star Review ***


I was so excited to dive into this conclusion in this duet. After everything that happened in the first book, with how the first book ended, I was hoping for some really juicy, mind-boggling things to happen in this one...


This picks up right where Even Money left off. I was waiting for the action to happen. Waiting for trickery and deceit. Even Money pretty much dictated that for this book. However, that wasn't how things played out. I was almost instantly deflated when things were revealed so quickly.


I needed more in this book. It was good, but I expected much better, especially from this author. There was way too much inner dialogue, especially considering what needed to happen in this book. I found myself wanting to skim to find the good parts. I didn't though, I kept going, hoping there would be some pieces that I could cling to in all of the inner monologues between the characters.


The book got really good closer to the end. It was definitely what I had hoped for from the beginning of the book. It just took a while to get there. 


Overall, the duet is a good story. It will mostly keep readers wondering how things will play out and how these characters will get their happily ever after. It's definitely worth a read!

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