Blood Echo by Christopher Rice

February 19, 2019

A conspiracy that promises bloodshed and the only woman who can stop it collide in the page-turning thriller by Christopher Rice, Amazon Charts bestselling author of Bone Music.


Kidnapped and raised by serial killers, Charlotte Rowe suffered an ordeal that made her infamous. Everyone in the world knew who she was. But no one in the world has any idea what she’s become…


Charlotte is an experiment. And a weapon. Enabled by a superpower drug, she’s partnered with a shadowy pharmaceutical company to hunt down and eliminate society’s most depraved human predators. But her latest mission goes off the rails in a horrifying way. Unsettled by her own capacity for violence, Charlotte wants some time to retreat so she can work on her new relationship with Luke, a sheriff’s deputy in the isolated Central California town she now calls home.


If only the threats hadn’t followed Charlotte there.


Something sinister is evolving in Altamira, California—a massive network of domestic terrorists with ties to Charlotte’s influential and corrupt employers. As a vast and explosive criminal conspiracy grows, the fate of Charlotte’s hometown hangs in the balance. With everyone she cares about in danger, Charlotte has no choice but to bring her powers home.


Charlotte Rowe has been triggered, and now she’ll have to take matters into her own powerful hands.




**** 4 Star Review ****


Let me start off by saying, this series has a lot going on. Both books are books that you need to read at a comfortable pace, absorb every last detail. There is no insignificant detail. 


This book picks up not long after where the first book left off. The first book set this one up perfectly. This one hit the ground running from the start. The author wasted no time dilly-dallying, he dove right into this story from the very beginning. I need to thank him for that.


I couldn't put this one down. It was great. The band of characters really do help make this series a series I highly recommend. From the plot to the characters' unique personalities, I am definitely looking forward to more books in this series.


Like I said, there is a lot going on. Aside from the main plot, there are a lot of ethical questions that arise for the characters. Morality is tested. Limits are tested. Trust is tested. I think these elements add some serious points to the plot itself.


If you haven't started this series, I am not sure what you are waiting for. This is definitely one of those series you will wish you had started sooner once more books come out.

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