Complicated by Kristen Ashley

April 2, 2019

When small town Nebraska sheriff Hixon Drake meets Greta Dare, the connection couldn’t be stronger, but the timing couldn’t be worse. 


Dealing with the fallout of a divorce he never wanted and setting up a new home for his kids, Hix becomes that guy, that one he never wanted to be, and puts a stop to things before they can even start. Protecting his kids, and himself, is his only priority. 


Greta, on the other hand, has found the place for her and the brother she adores that’s perfect for them—a sleepy little town in Nebraska. She’s learned from life that there are no hopes and dreams. The only thing to look forward to is peace. And that’s what she works hard to build for herself and her brother. Right up until Hix walks into her life. 


Hix can’t fight the pull and stay away from Greta for long. And Greta’s finding it hard not to hope for something more with all the promise that is Hix. 


But when the first murder that’s happened in over five decades rocks his small, sleepy county, Hix has got to learn to trust again, convince Greta to take a shot with him, and at the same time catch a killer. 


In other words, things are definitely…Complicated.


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★★★★ 3 𝓢𝓽𝓪𝓻 𝓡𝓮𝓿𝓲𝓮𝔀 ★★★★


I definitely see the appeal for this author's fan base. Kristen can really tell a story. And a story this one is. Just a fair warning. This review is going to be mostly critical...


Where to start. This book was too much for me. Too many pages. Too wordy. Too much magnifying things that should be more simple. Characters with great qualities but too much hero in every last one.


I would have thought I would have liked Kristen's writing style more since she writes how I think... scattered, off topic. But no. Not so much. Most of the book was constant diverging into side thoughts that had nothing to do with what was going on at that moment. Basically, pages of extra filler that were completely unnecessary and took away from the actual story.


The characters are very likeable. Too likeable in the sense that she has made every character seem like a super hero. Their flaws, which are few, are ignored and their positive qualities are overdone. 


By the time I reached the halfway mark of this book, I was ready for it to be done. I may have enjoyed it up to that point, but it was dragging on an on, and I just wasn't sure if I could commit. But I did push on so I could get the HEA I knew would come.


Then there is the mystery angle to this book. I was highly disappointed in this. There was a huge build up with the murder. Many pages in the first half of the book dedicated to it. Then it disappeared and came back much later. When there is a mystery to solve, I expect it to be a suspect. I mean, we get the killer, but it was so underwhelming and incomplete from all of the build up, I was highly disappointed.


Like I said before, I see the appeal for her books. I am not so sure that they are my thing though. 

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