Such a Perfect Wife by Kate White

May 7, 2019

Must be blonde, beautiful, and a good Catholic girl…


On a sunny morning in late September, Shannon Blaine, a blonde, green-eyed 34-year old wife and mother of two, sets off on a jog along the rural roads near her home in Lake George, New York.  It’s her usual a.m. routine, her “me time” after dropping the kids off at school…except on this day she never returns. The residents in the idyllic lakeside town—which is popular with summer tourists—are stunned. Would Shannon have just taken off, overwhelmed with the pressures of being the perfect wife and mother? Did a stranger snatch her? Or could her husband be responsible for her disappearance?


The hot new online magazine Crime Beat wants to cover the case and they hand the assignment to noted true crime writer Bailey Weggins. It doesn’t take long for Bailey to see that the story has fars more facets than she initially realized:  a bitter sister, an unfaithful brother-in-law, an evasive deacon, and a creepy motel owner who watched Shannon run every morning. When an anonymous caller reaches out to Bailey and gives her the cryptic clue that Shannon was a “good Catholic girl,” the tip eventually leads Bailey to the grisly discovery of Shannon’s body. And suddenly, based on what else Bailey finds, everything about the case shifts, suggesting that Shannon’s murder isn’t an isolated incident but rather the work of a serial killer with a very specific calling card. Bailey sets out to expose the killer before another woman has to die, including herself.


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★★★★★ 5 𝓢𝓽𝓪𝓻 𝓡𝓮𝓿𝓲𝓮𝔀 ★★★★★


How have I not read this series or this author yet? I actually own a few of this author's books already. I can promise you will be seeing more reviews of her books from me in the near future. This book is just what I was currently looking for!


I am going to start with the plot. The plot of this book is so well laid out and built from start to finish. It keeps you on your toes waiting for the next shoe to drop or the next clue to present itself. I turned the pages well into the night, wanting to get all of the answers to all of my questions. I can definitely say I couldn't commit to who I thought was the murderer.


Characters. Since I am late to this series, I don't know Bailey's character so well. But that didn't stop me from connecting to her in any way. I was there with her front and center. I felt her frustration, her excitement, and her fear. 


The supporting characters were just as well developed as they could be considering their part of the story. I definitely didn't know if some of them were foe or friend, which was the point of how they are portrayed in this book.


The one drawback for me. The title and cover of the book. They don't convey the story itself at all. That bothered me. Once I started the book, I assumed there was going to be this huge "oh my god" concerning the wife that would at some point reveal itself. And I am still not sure of the point of the cover itself. 


This is definitely one of the better thrillers I have read recently. I can see why so many people are huge fans of this author... I am now one too!

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