Thank You, Chlamydia by KA Berg

December 9, 2019

My life was perfectly planned out. I did all the right things.  My eyes were always on the prize.  Working hard in college landed me the job I always wanted with security and great benefits. I dated a boy-next-door type with a solid future. We got engaged and planned the perfect wedding.  Being sensible and responsible put me on the pathway to a picture perfect life.

Everything was going off without a hitch.
And, then it all went to this sh*t!

My dream life blew up in my face like a bad firework on the 4th of July. 
Since walking the straight-and-narrow was a gigantic waste of my time, I decided to walk on the wild side for a change.  Man oh man, did I get more than I bargained for. A night to remember...

And an STD.  

Getting chlamydia changed my life.
Who would have thought an STD would help me pick up the pieces of my shattered life?
Certainly not me.
So, thank you, chlamydia.



★★★ 3 𝓢𝓽𝓪𝓻 𝓡𝓮𝓲𝓿𝓮𝔀 ★★★


I am going to start this off with saying that I downloaded this book solely based off the title. I had seen someone share an article about the book and its uniqueness in the romance genre. I am a lover of people writing books outside of what is considered the norm. So, naturally I had to read this one.


The idea of a man and woman getting together because of an STD is not only unique, but it's also a little boundary pushing. It's not something most authors would be brave enough to do. We live in a hyper-sensitive society, so writing something a little too close to home that is not openly discussed can be scary. I give this author kudos for writing it. I am willing to bet others will try and dip their toes in this mostly unchartered territory.


Now, the book. Overall, it's a good book. Interesting. Funny in parts. I had no difficulty reading this one from start to finish. Obviously, based on the rating, there were parts that grated on me enough that I wasn't 100% all-in.


This is another book in which the female lead wasn't my favorite. My thoughts on her are hard to explain. She had times where she was the strong woman I needed her to be, but then there were times where she was a whiney, immature, and annoying girl. I had whiplash from her character constantly changing up her personality.


I enjoyed Ryan. He's another real life male character that I can get on board with. Okay sure, he did that one thing that made absolutely NO sense. It was a bit childish and highly confusing. I had a few sighs and eyerolls just in his honor. But in the end, I could almost see his side in it. Almost.


Overall, this is an interesting, unique, and at times, funny read. I am not necessarily over the moon with it, but I definitely think it was worth a read!

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