Hard to Handle by RC Boldt

February 27, 2020

RC Boldt’s Teach Me series gives us a closer look at just how thin the line is between love and hate…

Fifth grade social studies teacher, Laney Kavanaugh, is no stranger to being left behind – her father taught her that at a young age. That’s why she always has her eyes wide open when it comes to men. She’s determined she will never again be the one left behind. She doesn’t let sex blur what they’re really doing; it’s always just sex.

Until Zach.

Zachariah Mayson, fifth grade writing and English teacher, has been the bane of Laney’s existence from the moment they met at their shared elementary school. She can’t stand him. He gets under her skin like no other and is always utterly obnoxious in his attempts –and successes–in getting a rise out of her.

Until the wedding.

The night of their friends’ wedding, Laney gives in to a moment of melancholy, knowing she’ll never be able to let her guard down enough to let a guy close, let alone someday get married. She and Zach end up having the hottest night she’d ever experienced, showing her another side of him, a softer, sweeter one he’d hidden from her until now. Because now, he hoped she was finally ready to “see” him.

But when you’ve always guarded yourself against falling in love, can you let go of the past in order to embrace the future?


★★★★ 4 𝓢𝓽𝓪𝓻 𝓡𝓮𝓿𝓲𝓮𝔀 ★★★★


Another enjoyable read from the lovely Boldt. This one is another one that left me wondering why it took me to long to read. 


I loved getting to see this side of Zach in this book. In the previous book, we are left thinking he is just a sarcastic and obnoxious man. While I didn't dislike him before, he wasn't the Zach we get to know in this one. I was most certainly rooting for him.


Laney annoyed me a bit in this book. She was so dead set on not letting her walls down. I found myself wanting to shake her until she came to her senses. The push and pull she had with herself and Zach did prove to be a good slow burning romance.


This book not only kept me entertained, but it also pulled at my heart some. I have one book left to read in this series, and I can't wait to get to it. 

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