Possesion by T.K. Leigh

Sometimes the right path isn't the easiest one.

Weston Bradford entered my world in a whirlwind.

Or, more accurately, during a torrential downpour.

After our brief encounter, I didn't think I'd ever see the attractive man with mesmerizing blue eyes again. Not in a city the size of Atlanta.

Until I agree to take on a historic home renovation and learn the owner is none other than the same Weston Bradford who I met in the rain.

We're as opposite as two people can be, but there's no denying the spark, the connection, the invisible tether pulling us toward one another.

But my past has left me broken and scarred, forcing me to erect walls around myself. That doesn't seem to deter Wes, though. He's more than happy to scale those walls to possess the one thing I swore I'd never give another person again -- my heart.

When the past collides with my present in an unexpected way, will he stand by my side and weather the storm threatening to destroy everything? Or will he abandon me like everyone else in my life?

Possession in the first book in the Possession Duet, part of the Redemption Series, an interracial romance about overcoming hate and following your heart.

The Redemption Series:

Each duet in this series can be read separately as they each stand on their own and revolve around a different couple.

0.5 - Promise: A Redemption Duet Prologue

1 - Commitment (Redemption Duet #1)

2 - Redemption (Redemption Duet #2)

3 - Possession (Possession Duet #1)

4 - Atonement (Possession Duet #2) (Coming Winter 2020)

****4 Star Review****

Possession is a love story about two characters who have been heartbroken and crushed in their pasts, coming together and trying to make it work. Londyn and Wes just have to get over their own personal hurdles to get the love they deserve with each other.

I enjoyed their story. It was a slower paced story but that helped build up the chemistry and heat between these two.

For a while I felt slightly disconnected with Londyn's past but that came around full circle and smacked me right upside the head. I was not expecting things to play out the way they did. I knew something was up and not making sense, but thought it was going to go another way. That is one thing I loved about this book. I love when an author can make me say, "Oh Damn!!!!! I didn't see that coming. "

The ending is a cliffhanger and Book 2 should set off with bang! I am ready for Atonement.

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