When You Come Back to Me by Emma Scott

At Santa Cruz Central High School, they called them the misfits, the outcasts, the weirdos. But most of us knew them as the Lost Boys...

Holden Parish survived his parents' horrific attempts to make him "the perfect son." After a year's stint in a Swiss sanitarium to recover, he has vowed to never let anything--or anyone--trap him again. Brilliant but broken, he seeks refuge behind alcohol, meaningless sex, and uses his wicked sense of humor to keep people away. He only has to ride out one year in the coastal town of Santa Cruz with his aunt and uncle before he inherits his billions and can make his escape. Disappear.

Falling in love is not in the plans.

River Whitmore. Star quarterback of the Central High football team, Prom King, Mr. Popular, ladies' man. He leads the perfect life...except it's all a lie. His father has River's future in the NFL all planned out, while River's dream is to run the family business in the town that he loves. But his mother's illness is tearing the family apart and River is becoming the glue that holds them together. How can he break his father's heart when it's already shattering?

River's carefully-crafted façade explodes when he meets Holden Parish. A guy who dresses in coats and scarves year-round, drinks expensive vodka, and spends his free time breaking into houses for the fun of it. They're complete opposites. River seeks a quiet life, away from the spotlight. Holden would rather have dental surgery than settle down.

Holden's demons and River's responsibilities threaten to keep them apart, while their undeniable attraction crashes them together again and again, growing into something deep and real no matter how they resist.

Until one terrible night changes everything.


Please note, this book contains spoilers for The Girl in the Love Song

***** 5 A-FREAKING-MAZING STARS!!! *****

I normally devour all Emma Scott's books in one sitting but my tears wouldn't allow it for this one. The tears were flowing so much throughout the story that I would have to put it down to search for tissues and take a minute to calm down the pain in my chest. This doesn't happen to me often but when it does, I know it's a story that I will never forget. This book is truly unforgettable.

Holden and River are some of the strongest characters I have ever read. Everything they go through will tear your heart apart. My chest was so heavy while reading. My heart was literally aching for them.

I'm not going to go into details about this book. You have to read it for yourself. Just know that you are going to get a heart-wrenching, soul consuming, heartfelt story that will never leave you.

This is a Top 2020 read for me.

Read it...Feel it...Love it...Cherish it...I did.

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